Why Charter?

We invite you to join our list of satisfied customers who sleep as well as their guests, knowing their investment was a wise one.

When other companies say “We have gone as far as we can,” we take the attitude that “we are only halfway there.” We know the extra effort is worth it and our customers have grown to appreciate the difference.

Value engineering

Our team loves taking the vision you’ve created and bringing it to life in a safe and structurally sound product that will last the test of time. more . . .


Manufactured strong

The hands of many skilled professionals guide every piece of your furniture through our process. Along the way, your furniture must pass seven in-house quality inspections. more . . .


Toughest finish

Charter's artists use some of the finest finishing techniques known. Our ability to match colors and create special effects is unsurpassed. We use pre-catalyzed lacquer finish so you can be sure that your furniture will stand up to the test of time. more . . .


In-house logistics

In-house shipping and warehousing. Room-specific labeling on every piece. Custom packing.
more . . .


Installer friendly

Through our Installer Info Center, team members with years of experience in construction management are always open directly to installers and owners at any time. more . . .


After the sale care

Five-year Warranty on all case good. On-site damage control. No-hassle replacements and repairs. more . . .

All furniture comes completely assembled with mortise and tenon joints at every corner, while dovetail joints are used on the drawers to give them greater durability

 When it comes to our finish, we offer the same quality and durability on every piece.

We offer either gently blanket wrapped, corner padded and shrink wrapped, or specially made boxes to protect your furniture.

By making ourselves directly available at our Installer Info Center during the installation we can respond quickly to any needs, removing one more headache from the designers, purchasers, and owners attention.



From concept to execution, Charter's world-class engineers understand that transforming your wishes into reality is what differentiates us from engineers who consider manufacturing costs only.


We merge your ideas with structural integrity without compromising quality or style.


When a project requires value engineering we know just how to combine integrity of structure, importance of the visual, and the reality of costs to meet your needs.


It takes not only experience (and we have plenty) but innovation, and a willing spirit to understand the effect you want your guest to experience.


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Charter is proud of our continued investment into the newest technology.

Our 200,000 square foot facility houses some of the finest state of the art equipment, and we continue to improve with equipment and methods that produce the highest quality furniture available.


A wise man once stated “It isn’t the tool that makes the craftsman, It’s the craftsman who makes the tool.” Because Charter also produces the highest quality kitchen cabinetry for the most discriminating home buyers, we have secured the most talented craftsmen to assure your customer will have that same great experience.


Every piece is inspected along the way through production. We won’t include a single inferior part on any item we sell.


We use only the best materials appropriate for each application. From the laminate thickness, quality of veneers, to the edge banding and the adhesives that bond it to the wood, Charter uses materials sometimes avoided by our competitors due simply to cost. As a result our products last much longer, and provide a better value for the price.


Why pay more to assemble your legs on site? Why should you be expected to train your staff to re-tighten wobbly legs each year? At Charter it is a standard design element on all desks and tables to always mortise and tenon the rails into the legs on both sides.


By both gluing and screwing these joints before installing the hardwood corner block, you get incredible strength. But we don’t stop there. We follow up with two lag bolts instead of one. This is standard on all of Charter's leg assemblies, which results in a leg that not only looks and feels custom built but is virtually indestructible.


Okay, perhaps we are overstating it just a little when we claim our furniture lasts “forever.” When we stop to consider how often we hear from owners bragging about the way our furniture continues to hold up against the most non-congenial guests, and through several remodels . . .well, that's what we love to hear!


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We finish all sides of our products, sealing up all edges and making our product another step above the rest.


Charter's finishing team is filled with artists who each have years of experience in finishing both our furniture as well as our quality line of kitchen cabinets where you typically find greater variations in finishing looks. Each one of our artist have enough individual experience, that you won’t find us combining their years here to make an impression.


The combination of our in-house experience and our equipment enables us to finish your furniture with many of the higher-end looks found in the most discriminating buyer's homes.


They include burnishing, antiquing, distressing, wormholes, rasping, spot crackle, wear-through, and brush glaze Just to name a few.


Have a color to match? We’ll not only do it well, but offer it to you on just about any species of veneer and solid. If you don’t see the color you want already out there give us your ideas and we’ll create it for you. Our color team is exceptional at making dreams into reality.


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Late arrivals! Broken merchandise! Incomplete loads! Difficult claims processes! These are just some of the headaches that often accompany furniture delivered by third parties. This can be exaggerated even more when a product is packed in a container and left in the baking sun because a project was delayed, or held up in “customs” or on a ship during hurricane season.



Charter offers our own “IN HOUSE” Shipping Department. We make sure it gets there complete and on time without any damage from the delivery. Most of our products are corner protected, shrink-wrapped and labeled for easy placement into rooms. Our rates are usually more competitive than third party brokers due to our great relationship with several carriers, and should any damage occur we make sure the replacement takes first priority. Your life should not be bothered with logistic nightmares. We make life easy.



Have a delay in the project? No problem! Just let us know and we will warehouse your items here in our conditioned facility and ship it to you in stages as you are ready. The small fee is less than storage facilities you’ll pay in town and you save additional freight and re handling of your product where furniture is always exposed to damage.



Make your installer's life easy and let us label every piece individually for every room. Sure it’s a lot of work for us, but smooth operations on the ground helps our furniture arrive “in the right room” safe and sound. Missing items are easy to identify and theft is minimized when laborers see how specifically items are marked.




Whether running in a full trailer on a pallet LTL or in a small package, our Quality Control Team will inspect each item and use the greatest care when packaging your furniture. We offer either gently blanket wrapped, corner padded and shrink wrapped, or specially made boxes to protect your furniture. When you allow us to decide we use the safest method to cover your items, while minimizing any leftover packaging to dispose of.



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Whether you have your own installation crew, are hiring another company, or need help from us, Charter has you covered.


  • We all know the difficulties with scheduling, with time sensitive occupancy permits, finishing touch ups, the walk through, and opening day.

  • We have team members with years of experience in construction management who are sensitive to the needs of installers and schedulers.

  • We know what it means if one thing is not right and how to fix things on the spot. Our lines are always open directly to installers and owners at any time to make sure that the plans initiated fit nicely with the reality on the ground.


By making ourselves directly available during the installation we can respond quickly to any needs, removing one more headache from the designers, purchasers, and owners attention. We don’t wait on phone messages and emails to be responded to a need, we act with urgency as a part of your team.


Even in the event a customer is having trouble determining who will place their furniture, we are able to secure them the needed help through a network of installation crews we have worked with. No single part of the process is overlooked when you choose Charter Fine Furniture.


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Because of our attention to detail and experience both in the factory and on site, it becomes easy for us to offer a Five-year Warranty on all of our case goods. We’re not shy in telling you we will stand behind our product. And should a situation arise as it seldom will, we don’t wait around hassling the details we jump to it getting the replacement or repair under way.


In the event you do have damage from installation or other subcontractors or even an abusive guest down the road, we can assist you with our team of trained professionals with an on-site visit.


When a visit seems unpractical or the items are minimal we have the training and tools to help your own staff make fast adjustments, and handle any ongoing needs.


Some companies have been known to disappear till your next project; we want you to know you made the right choice before, during, and “after” the sale.


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