We're Green

Charter is not only a friend to the environment but a friendly neighbor and a responsible company you should consider partnering with.


We were green long before it was popular to do so. Because it is our way of life and more than just compliance to a trend, our efforts are more than just words.

Green because it's local

Reduced travel distance for raw materials. AHMI certified providers. more . . .


Green by being innovative

Material-waste based energy system. Streamlined dust collection system. Energy efficient machinery and appliances. Landfill waste reduction. Company garden. more . . .


Green because it's responsible

Multiple recognitions by the Department of Environmental Quality. LEED certifications. more . . .

Lynchburg, VA

Because we live and work in the heart of the Appalachians we have a personal commitment to preserving our forests.

We use lumber suppliers that are triple certified in FSC, PEFC & SFI certifications.

Green because it’s local


Whenever possible, we use suppliers located nearby. Being located centrally on the East coast reduces the distance raw goods travel to our plant and the distance our finished products travel to their destinations.


This reduces carbon emissions enormously when compared with a manufacturing location in Asia.


Transporting finished products from Asia to the American East Coast increases the distance that the product has to travel by about 15 times with an equivalent  increase in the amount of carbon emissions.


Because a lot of logs are exported from the United States to Asia and the lumber represents a significant weight percentage of the final product, the total carbon emission for a piece of furniture manufactured in Asia is increased even further.


We use lumber suppliers that are triple certified in FSC, PEFC & SFI certifications. Because we live and work in the heart of the Appalachians we have a personal commitment to preserving our forests.


Our hardwood is not only nearby when harvested,  we use suppliers that are certified by the AHMI. Currently, 2.3 trees are grown for every one we use.


Hardwood that is exported from our region can travel half way around the world as raw material and back as finished products.


With some imports landing on the West coast, the inland shipping alone is more polluting than products shipped from our plant.


Compared with most other products, furniture is extraordinarily bulky and consumes an inordinate amount of transportation energy that generates significant carbon emissions.


With energy cost on a continuous rise, the advantage of lower labor cost in Asia is fast dwindling.


Environmentally there is only one responsible choice: manufacture furniture as close to the final destination as possible.


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Green by being innovative


Here are some of the unique ways in which Charter has accomplished a smaller footprint:


  • We removed our oil furnace and modernized our wood-burning furnace to burn all our material waste. Burning fossil fuels adds to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Burning wood is recognized as carbon neutral. In the growing of wood the carbon is absorbed and then freed again when burned.

  • The material-waste based heat is used for our finishing ovens and it provides the heat for the plant and the offices. There are no electric heaters in use.

  • We have cut energy consumption in half by:
    --streamlining our dust collection system
    --replacing our lighting system
    --replacing motors with new energy efficient motors
    --using motion controls and timers wherever possible

  • Energy Star vending machines have replaced old ones.

  • Electric water heaters with storage tanks have been replaced by small on-demand only heaters.

  • We have reduced our overall annual "landfill waste" by nearly 90% from 150 tons to nearly 15 tons. And we are not finished yet. Our goal is to have a near complete landfill free operation, that recycles 99%.


Recently we began our Company Garden project. This volunteer project uses land surrounding our building to grow produce used by our employees. Doing so enriches the lives of our employees and their families.


It greatly reduces the use of chemicals and preservatives needed to process and ship food. It eliminates all of the shipping and packaging material of store bought items, and helps to control erosion.


There has even been a new haven created for nature's residents, keeping in mind our responsibility to all of nature that we enjoy.






Green Because it's Responsible


Charter does not seek special recognition from public and private industries.


We are green because it is the right thing to do. Recently, Charter's efforts were recognized by the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) in their periodic site examination:


 • Our wood furnace stack has a 20% opacity (visible emission) permit. DEQ measured and reported an actual  5% level, and most of the time you cannot see any fume exhaust. You won’t drive by our plant seeing a bellow of smoke from burnings.


 • The oil furnace was also allowed a 20% visible emissions. Because we removed it we have reduced that to zero.


 • Our spray booths are allowed a 5% opacity. DEQ measured and reported zero emissions as well.


 • Outside dust system emissions are permitted at 5% opacity. Again, DEQ measured and reported zero observed emissions.


 • All of this can be found on our inspection reports. We continue to see improvements with each year.


In reviewing further finishing room improvements with DEQ, Charter was re-classifiied as a “Non Hazardous Waste Generator.” This is an accomplishment not easily obtained.


Your efforts to be green can be enhanced by our efforts, allowing you to receive LEED points with the measures we have made.


Charter is in the process of adding LEED certifications so you can gain LEED points on your own properties.


While we work on those certifications Here are some of the places you can benefit already.




  •  MR 4.1 & 4.2 – Recycled Content: Use recycled content materials and reduce the impact from the extraction and processing of virgin materials.

  •  MR 5.2 – Regional Materials: Support regional economies and reduce transportation impacts by using building materials that are extracted and manufactured locally.




  •  EQ 4.1 – Low-Emitting Materials: Reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, potentially irritating and/or harmful.

  •  EQ 4.4 – Low-Emitting Materials: Reduce the indoor air contaminants that are harmful via composite wood and laminate adhesive selection.

  • EQ 5 – Minimize exposure of occupants to potentially hazardous pollutants that adversely impact air and water quality.


Look for continued efforts and accreditation's from Charter. We are proud of our accomplishments. However, we continually strive to learn about new ways and new technologies that will make our world a better place for our generations that follow.


Thank you, for your support in your own areas of Doing the Right thing, because it is the right thing to do.


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